Project Description

Are you a fashionable woman or an elegant man who use many items that are made of leather, especially crocodile leather? Have you ever wonder how can we recognize the genuine crocodile leather? To make a fake crocodile leather, people usually use simili leather or calf leather. Base on this information, there are some ways to distinguish the genuine crocodile leather and the fake one. Let’s find out together.

First, you can use your eyes to differentiate genuine and fake crocodile leather, I mean, by seeing:

  • The color of leather: Genuine crocodile leather is usually uniform in color (some major colors: yellow cockroach, fresh yellow, brown, black, reddish brown). If you look carefully on the leather, there will be some small holes … because crocodile’s pedicures stomp on each other while they were alive.
  • The texture of leather: As the same with human fingerprints, crocodile leather is not similar texture to texture. Crocodile leather is usually rough (rugged) and unevenly arranged. The fake leather is stamped by machine so the crocodile tendons are distributed evenly in size as well as height.
  • The water absorbency of leather: Spray the leather surface with water and wait for a few minutes. Fake leather does not absorb water, while genuine leather is possible.
  • The surface of leather using a magnifying glass: A magnifying glass is used to meticulously scan the patterns and scales on crocodile leather.  In comparison to stamped leather, crocodile hides have patterns on both sides while embossed cowhide will have a rough interior surface of short, twisted fibers. The ridges between scales on genuine crocodile leather are also deeper than on fake ones.

Next, by smelling the leather, you can also recognize the genuine crocodile leather. Genuine crocodile leather will release a fishy, swampy, or salty smell. Even if the skin has been exposed to sun, the smell will still remain. If you smell an artificial or plastic odor, it may be fake leather.

Finally, you can use your hands to check and find out the genuine crocodile leather. You can check:

  • The thickness of leather: Genuine crocodile leather is thicker and denser than the fake alternatives. Besides, the thickness of genuine crocodile leather is also unstable and not too uniform as fake one. You can also check the leather by bending it. Genuine crocodile leather is very pliable.
  • The softness between the scales: For crocodile, joins between the scales are known to be flexible and have identical vein which is similar to the structure of our hands. Meanwhile, for fake leather, you will hardly find the fins between those joins.

In addition, basing on the price, you can make sure the quality of crocodile leather. Fake crocodile leather will be cheaper without guarantee.

Crocodile leather items are always luxurious and fashionable. Hope that after reading this writing, you can choose high quality genuine crocodile leather items for yourself. Or if you find it is hard to recognize genuine leather, come with us – LAC CRADO. We warrant to sell genuine leather, so you don’t need to worry about that.

And that’s how you recognize genuine crocodile leather. ^_^ Have a nice day to you.