We – LAC CRADO is a strapmaker that has a production system. In our workshop, we have a process for making straps and each person will take charge of a part inthis process. Are you curious about what will happen when you order a strap from us? Follow me, I will show you.


Below are the materials and tools that are needed for making a strap. We use some machines to make the straps in a faster way and more beautiful. If you would like to make it by yourself, you can do it with some simple tools.

  • Leather like: Crocodile, Python, Calf, Ostrich leather…
  • Leather Punching Machine
  • Mold for punching
  • Hole Punching Machine
  • Leather Skiving Machine
  • Leather Grinding Machine
  • Stitching Hole Punch Tool
  • Needle & Thread
  • Glue, liquid for burnishing
  • Leather Edge Painting Tool
  • Edge Paint (Primer and Main Paint)
  • Ruler, Scissors
  • Watch hardware (buckle and spring bars)